Community Resources

Infant and Toddlers

Project Kariñu. Phone: 671-478-5400

Project Karinu is an early childhood initiative using a Public Health approach for children birth to five years of age. Project Karinu will provide screening assessment mental health promotion and consultation, family education, and individualized services and supports. The purpose of this early childhood systems of care is for young children with social, emotional, behavioral, and developmental health challenges usually have difficulty in learning and getting along with others.


I’Famagu’on-ta Phone: 671-477-5338

I’Famagu’on-ta provide integrated, community-based outpatient services for children-adolescents who are high risk and those with serious emotional disturbances (SED) and their families. Services are to include care-coordination or wraparound, individual, group, and family counseling, training and support, home-based services, 24-hour crisis hotline via GBHWC hotline #647-8833/34. Transition-placement service, linkage and referral to other mental health related services in the community. Provide education and awareness outreach for early identification, prevention and intervention services.


Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center Phone: 671-647-5440

GBHWC's role as the single state entity is to provide mental health services to the population of Guam either as a direct provider of services or contract services out and have a regulatory role.